In the wake of the plethora of sexual assault and harassment allegations surfacing against powerful men in the wake of the #MeToo campaign, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in our culture where it is no longer an option to ignore the need for sweeping changes within the film industry and beyond. We have reached a tipping point. We brought together experts and professionals from the entertainment industry, legal, trauma and psychologist experts, unions and associations, and organization and change and technology to discuss the issues and barriers facing victims and survivors, and the current culture that supports the predator over the the victim. Each table issued a list of recommendations that are compiled in our public report. In partnership with the Globe and Mail, here are the roundtable discussions below.

Episode 1

The Performers discuss #AfterMeToo

Episode 2

Behind the Scenes: The Crew #AfterMeToo

Episode 3

The Unions and Associations

Episode 4

Next Steps: Organization Change #AfterMeToo

Episode 5

Understanding Civil Law and #AFTERMETOO

Episode 6

Trauma, Memory, and the Psychological Effects of Sexual Violence and #AFTERMETOO