Our Fund

In recent years - and especially since the advent of #MeToo - there has been a sizable increase in demand on Canada’s overloaded, underfunded sexual violence support services.

AfterMeToo, in partnership with the Canadian Women’s Foundation, has established a fund, which will provide resources to address the urgent demand on sexual violence support services across Canada.

To learn more about our excellent partners, please visit Canadian Women’s foundation.

or text "After" to 20222

43% of women have reported being sexually harassed at work.*

33% of all crimes committed against women are sexual assaults.*

10% of all crimes committed against non-Indigenous women are sexual assaults.

5% of sexual assault incidents are reported to the police.

3 sexual assault charges out of 1000 end with a conviction

96.8 % of perpetrators are men.

78.1% of victims are women.

Only 1 in 3 Canadians have a clear understanding what consent is.