1. Unified industry-wide response to sexualized violence. Harmonizing policies of existing unions, protocols to trigger complementary mechanisms of reporting, case-tracking, investigation and blacklisting prevention. This may include amending Canadian labour laws.

2. Expand the definition of workplace. It is about people not places. Include any environment where there is a business relationship between individuals such as wrap parties, networking functions, promotional events. This can be done through collective agreements, harassment-prevention policies, and/or legislative measures.

3. We have gaps in our knowledge. Mandatory yearly education for all industry members, including producers, directors, crew and performers regarding (1) theories and research about sexual violence, (2) employer harassment-prevention policies, (3) empowerment education for women and bystander intervention for all, and (4) options for reporting sexual harassment.


4. All industry members must pay into a fund, as is already done in the industry for retirement benefits, that is designed to promote healing, empowerment and access to justice for survivors of sexualized violence and harassment in the industry. This would fund:
a) Trauma-informed therapy/counselling by a mental health professional of the survivor’s choice,
b) Up to 15 hours of free and confidential legal advice, with a lawyer of the survivor’s choice, and
c) In appropriate cases, out-of-pocket expenses other than legal fees (known as disbursements) necessary for survivors to prove their claims, such as those necessary to hire experts in mental health and accounting or business valuation.

5. Governments must provide free universal and timely access to trauma-informed medical, psychological, and institutional support for survivors of sexualized violence.


6. Develop on-line reporting systems that allow victims/survivors to report and disclose incidents of sexualized violence. This system centres the lived experience of survivors with the aim of minimizing retraumatization.

7. Immediate Action to Establish an Independent National Body for all industry members. No more conflicts of interest. This body would receive and investigate reports of sexualized violence. Where a formal report is filed, the body would conduct independent, expert investigations and have the power to resolve by measures that include compensatory, systemic and punitive measures.